Riverwoods Shuttle (801)691-0978

Riverwoods Shuttle Terms and Conditions

Riverwoods Shuttle will not guarantee or assume responsibility for any of the following:

1.       1.  All travel connections;

2.      2.   Loading or unloading passengers;

3.       3.  Any delays due to conditions beyond the control of Riverwoods Shuttle.  For example, road conditions, weather, traffic, or vehicle breakdown beyond Riverwoods Shuttle’s control.  If any of these conditions should happen and if Riverwoods Shuttle is unable to provide that transport, only the cost of the Riverwoods Shuttle ticket will be refunded.  Riverwoods Shuttle will not be held liable for the cost of any other transportation that is not provided by Riverwoods Shuttle service.  Riverwoods Shuttle will not assume liability for flight delays if any of the above should occur;

4.       4.  If your flight is cancelled or delayed contact the office as soon as possible to see if other departures have spaces available;

5.       5Refunds on credit card bookings will only be refunded if 24 hours notice is given of cancellation;

6.       6.  Riverwoods Shuttle will not be responsible for lost or damaged luggage.  Luggage is the sole responsibility of the passenger;

      7.  Lost and found items will not be kept after 30 days.

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